Essence Scandinavian Grey Felted Wool Rug


Introducing the Essence Scandinavian Grey Felted Wool Rug – one of the newest felted wool pieces from The Essence Collection!

The Essence Scandinavian Grey Felted Wool Rug is inspired by natural elements using a neutral colour palette which adds warmth to any space. Constructed using New Zealand Wool, this rug has been hand woven by artisans – one piece at a time! The end result is a stunning, textured rug that will be the feature of any room. Each piece also comes with a cotton backing.

•    Material : 80% wool, 20% Polyester
•    Made in India
•    Hand Loomed

Please note that products which are handmade from natural fibres will be individual in colour, size, and may have slight imperfections in weave detail. Sprouting yarns where strands of wool have ended and started during the weaving process may be visible or become visible over time. These characteristics are not defects, instead they are natural occurring features of this product. A faulty product return will not be accepted on this basis.
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