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There are so many benefits of using natural, eco-friendly floor rugs. Natural rugs are made of many materials, several of which include Sisal, Jute, Hemp, Cotton, Wool and Bamboo. In addition to the benefits of better health and cleanliness, incorporating sustainable materials in your home creates a cosy, organic environment for you and your family. This, not to mention the fact that natural rugs add character and vitality to any room, make this rug type one of the most popular choices in Australian homes to date.

Many natural rug materials are made from rapidly renewable materials that come from plants, such as Jute, Bamboo and Sisal. As fibres grow, they can be harvested again and again, causing no harm to the environment at any stage. Due to the rugs being made from natural fibres there’s no eco-damaging manufacturing involved.

Sisal, extracted from the leaves of the ‘Agave Sisalana’ plant, is the most popular of the plant fibres used for making natural rugs. This plant is native to Central America but is now grown all over the world, especially in Java, East Africa, and Mexico. Even though sisal is only one of the plant-based rug materials, the name has come to be used generically for all plant-based rug materials. Sisal has long, fine fibres that allow it to be made into smooth, textured yarn. Sisal rugs are anti-static, sound absorbent, flame repellent, and long lasting, all of which make sisal rugs a great option to consider for any home.

Jute, made from stem fibre plants, comes mainly from India and China. Jute is well-suited for making durable yarns and fabrics because of its stability and firmness. Like other plant fibres such as sisal and coir, jute has a nice look when made into rugs, but it can be coarse and is susceptible to stains. This is just one of the reasons that natural and synthetic rug materials might be blended together to make area rugs. Jute rugs are a great choice for high traffic areas and give a relaxed boho or beachy feel, they are popular choices for homes that aim to get that on-trend coastal or Hamptons look.

Finally, wool is a great choice for those who are wanting a natural look with all the comfort and softness of a man-made material. A wool rug is ideal for the environment-conscious as it is harvested from sheep, which makes it fully sustainable for the environment. Felted wool rugs are made using unspun wool fibres, giving them that very popular soft, “fluffy” feel. They are hand-loomed most commonly in India and are produced one rug at a time by select artisans which have been practicing the craft for years, making each piece individual as the next in size, colour, and overall look. Our felted wool rugs are one of our best sellers here at The Rug Lady as they work well in most styles and spaces. They usually also come in natural muted colours that accentuate surrounding décor, as opposed to colourful, patterned rugs that work specifically with certain products and home pieces.


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