About Us

The Rug Lady is an Australian owned and operated company with more than 20 years of experience in the rug trade. In recent years, we have combined our experiences in sourcing great products, our passion for beautiful and exquisite pieces which has lead to the creation The Rug Lady, our very own boutique rug store. Since its launch in 2015, The Rug Lady has been steadily gaining the attention and following of thousands of rug lovers and rug shoppers alike, making it one of the leading online rug distributors in Australia.

At The Rug Lady, we love what we do and we are passionate with our work. Our love for rugs and for our customers have driven us to acquire and stock many exclusive pieces, many of them unique to our store! Our design team are always on the lookout for new inspiration which includes upcoming interior styles and rug trends, even customer feedback! The Rug Lady team deals directly with manufacturers so we can offer competitive, value-for-money rugs without the outrageous price tag.

We specialise in a wide range of rugs, from simple budget-friendly pieces, to elegant high-end products that are certain to complete the look of any home. The Rug Lady also boasts a selection of large rugs, which we know can be hard to find and shop for!


Our Showroom

We totally understand that you want your home to look and feel perfect and that shopping for rugs is a personal experience. Sometimes, choosing the perfect rug means that you need to see it, feel it, and fall in love with it yourself. Sometimes, the perfect rug chooses you! We also understand that choosing a rug can be overwhelming at times, which was why The Rug Lady has its own showroom in Melbourne for its customers.

The Rug Lady showroom not only offers a large selection of our rugs for viewing, but each appointment is set with one of our expert rug stylists, who will be able to assist you with the prefect rug style for your needs, the right colour selection, and the perfect size which will suit your home, rest assured you can buy the best rugs.

Contact us today to organise your one on one consultation at our Showroom today!