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Perfect Hampton Rugs

Using Hampton Style Floor Rugs To Bring The Beach To You

Hamptons style rugs are inspired by similar interiors from the region and aim to bring a little bit of the beach to your interior, without all the sand. Hampton style floor rugs are usually light, bright and whitewashed, with a sophisticated yet beachy feel that comes across as effortless and calming. The area from which the name comes from have open-style interiors that are usually spacious with generous proportions. Picture a holiday home with a nautical-inspired twist.

Creating an open feel helps to expose the arrangement of rooms, and the look works as a reproduction of the main inspiration for rugs in the Hampton style – vast beaches and the boundless ocean. This look combines the best of classic aesthetic as well as enveloping a rustic home décor which fuels authenticity.


Thanks to The Rug Lady, you too can recreate the same light, breezy, and natural look and feel in your home, no matter how far you are from the ocean.

The Colour Palate

Whites, neutral greys, beiges, blues and greens are all common colours associated with Hampton style rugs. We usually suggest pairing neutral colours with coastal blues, or layering various shades of blue, from navy through to baby blue. Hampton style floor rugs favour natural materials and fabrics as it complements the intended influence and aims to create a softer and beautiful theme throughout the space it occupies.

Hampton rugs come in a great variety of styles and designs, from geometric patterns, oriental patterns and medallion pattern options. They serve to bring a feeling of freshness to the room because of the inspiration origin of our Hampton style rugs.

That innate feeling you get when you arrive at the beach in the summertime can be recreated and brought to your home through the magic of precise placement, and beautiful design. The beach aesthetic is among the most popular choices for those who are decorating their home, not only is it infinitely flexible in terms of furniture choices, but also has a palate that soothes and relaxes naturally.

Complement The Aesthetic

Due to their neutral colour palette, the design and setup for the prospective space can cater to a broad variety of furnishings, however some homes suit the design better than others. Arrange your furniture in such a way that fosters conversation and entertaining guests, making this the priority allows your choice in furnishings and decorations to be serving this endgame.

A lot of interior designers opt to have the more flamboyant and colourful pieces as the centrepiece of the main room of the home, not only establishing a whirlwind of responses, but also to fully envelop a once drab space into a serenity-fuelled paradise of sorts. There is also the option for a little subtlety as well, with a carefully placed piece in the background or as an addition to a wonderful setup.

An inspired home evokes a feeling of relaxation and restfulness. It is designed for entertaining and simply oozes a feeling of laid-back luxury all while remaining liveable. Hamptons style rugs are flexible and can be applied to different tastes—from minimalist to luxury and still maintain its inspiration and underlying beauty.

Simple, Affordable, & Breathtaking

The most common misconception regarding upgrades to the home is that it has to be expensive and take a lot of time for it to be worthwhile or impactful. Nothing could be further from the truth, as any interior decorator or real estate agent will tell you, it’s often the little things that make the largest impact.

The strategic placement of a beautifully inspired Hampton style rug in the foyer of a home adds an incredible sophisticated impact for anyone who enters your home. In lieu of the overworked costs of putting in a brand-new floor or another coat of paint, the smallest gesture, often has the more noticeable impact. Not to mention it’s infinitely more affordable and can be taken with you to wherever you move in the future.

At The Rug Lady, we offer a large selection of Hampton style floor rugs with sizes included extra-large sizes such as 300x400 CM. From neutral to blue Hamptons rugs, Hampton hallway runners or anything in between, we have the right look and the right size for your home. Our collections also range from affordable to luxury pricing and materials, with no degrading of quality or beauty. You may purchase these Hampton rugs online or call us to book an appointment to view our showroom.

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