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At The Rug Lady, we take pride in offering the finest rugs that effortlessly complement every room in your home. Our collection embodies a fusion of quality craftsmanship and exquisite design, carefully curated to enhance your living space. Each rug in our selection is a testament to durability and artistry, designed to cater to diverse aesthetic preferences and functional needs. Whether you're looking for a statement piece for your living room, a cozy addition to your bedroom, or a durable mat for high-traffic areas, our range promises something special for every corner of your abode. Experience the perfect blend of style and substance with The Rug Lady.

Bring the outdoors into your home with our impressive range of floral floor rugs. Whether you are accenting your living room or bed space, you can add a touch of nature into your home. You’ll definitely won’t outgrow our incredible line of floral rugs. 


We have just about every shade, helping you find the right pattern that is made for you. We even have options for large scale carpet pieces for your backyard. Floral area rugs are a highly popular choice among homeowners, for those looking for a unique and bright appearance in comparison to traditional and oriental patterns.

At Rug Lady, we craft every stitch to perfection and are made with the utmost care. Our creation of floral floor rugs is a long winded and complex process, that is created either machine-made or hand-tufted from synthetic materials, polyesters, viscose, or wool. With this in mind, they come in a range of different pile heights, adding texture and depth to the carpet. 

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Graceful Design 

Your cosy living room can turn into a more shabby chic space with the help of our top-of-the-line floral rugs. Our carpets can add a pop of colour perfect for a home in need of a vibrant energy. You can make any guest feel at home, providing a fresh and inviting feeling to anyone who comes into your space. For those looking for a more tone down look, as it may be intimidating for some, we have muted options to keep your home decor on the safe side. One idea when it comes to styling your floral rugs is to consider using a combination of stripes and flower patterns as it’s known to make your interiors look pristine. Some floral rugs with larger designs are considered modern floral rugs while those with smaller floral patterns can be considered a more vintage design. Depending on the overall look of your home, our wonderful line of products will surely find a floor piece that suits. 


Each floral patterned rug gives off a unique impression and has its own style which is why it may be difficult to talk about these floral rugs as one category. We have flower patterned floor pieces in a spectrum of styles to choose from. We have many options ranging from numerous shapes and sizes to find the perfect furnishing for your home’s needs.

Our designs mostly come in Blue floral rugs, Pink floral rugs, Red floral rugs, Green Floral rugs, and Grey floral rugs with a lot of other neutral toned options too. We have sizes to fit your bedroom or living space, as well as runners, to even our outdoor floral rug range. Our designs also come in a variety of shapes such as circular and rectangular options to suit your personal preferences.  Additionally, we have a range of floral floor rugs that come in various types of materials including acrylic, cotton, wool and much more to pick. No matter the style you choose, all of our floor pieces will give an extra appeal to your home.

Care Instructions 

To keep our products at mint condition, vacuum the rug without a brush attachment and only vacuum when needed to remove excess dirt. Rotate the carpet a number of times a year to avoid deterioration. This also helps prevent colour fading from the sunlight and/or foot traffic.

At The Rug Lady, we have just about everything to accent your flooring. In addition to our range of floral floor rugs, we also have an incredible line of traditional, tribal, scandinavian, oriental and many other styles to pick. We recommend making use of some filters on our website in order to find an option best suited to your specific preferences. Start with an area wherein you would like to place the mat and search for the type of material that would be the most suitable for your household. Decide what size will best fit the space and shape that will complement the space best. In just a few simple steps you can have the home of your dreams! 

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43 products