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At The Rug Lady, we take pride in offering the finest rugs that effortlessly complement every room in your home. Our collection embodies a fusion of quality craftsmanship and exquisite design, carefully curated to enhance your living space. Each rug in our selection is a testament to durability and artistry, designed to cater to diverse aesthetic preferences and functional needs. Whether you're looking for a statement piece for your living room, a cozy addition to your bedroom, or a durable mat for high-traffic areas, our range promises something special for every corner of your abode. Experience the perfect blend of style and substance with The Rug Lady.

Exceptional Hand Woven Rugs

Hand Woven Rugs

Do you feel like you’re missing something to add a bit of zest to your coffee table? Hand woven rugs are the perfect solution for any homeowner searching for a furniture piece to tie the whole look of your space together.

Hand woven rugs are the ideal pairing for your household furniture, with a range of different qualities and materials, giving you the right appearance that will make your home look homely. The density of weaving and quality of raw materials are the most essential features of these carpets, giving the most intricate and detailed patterns to add a unique touch to your floors.


Hand woven rugs are usually carpets made of a range of different fibres, each with its own individual texture and pattern. These carpets are uneven, often made using a warp to create an exciting appearance, giving your home a fine statement piece. The most important feature of these carpets is the uniqueness of design. Carpet styles can be modern, abstract, geometric, as well as classic or traditional, offering you an abundance of options to choose from.

They are hand-cut and trimmed with precision, providing the best quality range of hand woven rugs, which take hard work and dedication to pull off

These carpets have been produced in areas stretching from Morocco, Bulgaria, Turkey, and India, all with their own distinctive charm and character for your space. These handcrafted mats are more expensive than machine-made ones, with a desirable quality, unlike any floor piece.

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Why Are Hand Woven Rugs Better?


Hand woven rugs have unlimited possibilities of colours and patterns that will provide the perfect warmth and texture to any room in the household. Some of these floor pieces are valuable works of art, exceeding one million knots in a square meter. They are unique, noble, durable, and luxurious. There are a large variety of fibres and options, spanning from a hand woven cotton rug, hand woven jute rug, handwoven runner rug, and many other options. With this impressive range, these carpets can also be a good investment for the home. Rugs made by hand can be ordered in virtually any size as we do accept custom-sized orders for specific ranges, with our measurements right up to extra-large sizes such as 300cm x 400cm.

High Quality

The length of time to produce hand woven rugs depends on the size and intricacy of the pattern. It is not unheard of for a super fine quality floor piece to take several months to produce, which is why most homeowners purchase hand woven rugs despite the price tag. In the long run, due to their first-rate quality and durability, they are highly valuable and will save you money not having to replace your machine-made mat.


Our range of rugs spanning from hand woven wool rugs to hand woven flat weave rugs are all made with natural and highly durable fibres, making them long-lasting. The quality of these mats depends on numerous factors, such as the knot count, dyes used, and the quality of the yarns. Self-made mats are typically more expensive, but the life span of these hand woven rugs is far greater and, therefore, is better value for your money.


Another factor that increases the value of these carpets is that each piece is one-of-a-kind. Each design draws inspiration from different cultures and their surroundings to create unique patterns and designs. Because of various factors that influence other weavers, no two rugs look the same. Different designers make each floor piece to give your home a distinctive touch that is tailormade for your household.

Naturally Made

Because of how the natural materials are made and used, these mats are soft and cushiony underfoot, making them all the more appealing. With proper maintenance, these rugs will last a long time. One thing to keep in mind when purchasing hand woven rugs is piling, which is when fine hairs fall from the fleece, creating clusters in the carpet. The best way to prevent this is to consider which type of hand woven rugs to use in your home as not all fibres pile. Hand woven flat weave rugs are incredible for preventing pile buildup, as the fabric is designed to not have any piling in the carpet. It is important to remember to place a pad under it to help it stay in place and provide a little more cushion, making it comfortable for use in the home.

The Noble Choice

At The Rug Lady, we are the prime choice for any homeowner looking to pair the perfect floor pieces to match their furniture. Since our online launch in 2015, we have become the top retailer for home décor, promising to provide your household with the finest accent pieces to add a little spice to your walls and floors. We place our customers at the highest priority, making sure their orders are tailored to perfection to give you a home that is well and truly yours.

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