TRL's Rug Styling Tool: Revolutionize Your Home Decor Journey

TRL's Rug Styling Tool



Hey there, fabulous readers! We have some exciting news to share to take your home decor game to the next level. Whether you're a full-time mom, a house enthusiast, or simply someone who loves transforming spaces, we have a little magic up our sleeves to keep you engaged until the end.


Introducing TRL's Rug Styling Tool: A True Game Changer


Let's delve into the rug world's crème de la crème: TRL's Rug Styling Tool. It's high time the art of rug selection caught up with the 21st century. No more guesswork, no more room for imagination, and certainly no more wrestling with unruly rugs in crowded stores. With TRL's Rug Styling Tool, you can now try it before you buy it, all from the comfort of your home sweet home.


Step 1: Take Your Pick

Grab your trusty smartphone and navigate to The Rug Lady's website. The sheer variety of styles, patterns, and colours will leave you absolutely spoiled for choice. From timeless oriental classics to avant-garde abstract designs, there's a rug for every Australian home.


Step 1


Step 2: Explore with 'View in My Room'

Have you stumbled upon a rug that's captured your heart? Simply select it and hit the 'View in My Room' button. Remember to pick the size that suits your space best!


Step 2


Step 3: The Captivating Metamorphosis

Now, prepare for the grand finale! Employ your phone's camera to venture through your chosen room and behold the mesmerizing spectacle as your chosen rug elegantly takes place in your living space. Play with its positioning, refine the details, and observe how it responds to the interplay of light from different perspectives – this is virtual reality at its most lifelike!


Step 3


Why Trust Our Rug Styling Tool?


Rest assured, this tool was crafted with the same fervour and meticulousness we pour into every facet of The Rug Lady's brand. The technology behind it is state-of-the-art, ensuring that what you see is precisely what you'll get.


True Benefits of Virtual Styling


Unveiling the True Benefits of Virtual Styling


The marvel of this tool extends far beyond mere visual appeal; it's about:

  • Saving Time & Effort: No more tiresome trips back and forth to the store.
  • Confidence: Feel confident about your choice before you part with your hard-earned cash.
  • Flexibility: Delight in the freedom to experiment without any binding commitments.


So, what's holding you back? Elevate the charm of your home and let it reflect your one-of-a-kind style. Remember, a house comprises bricks and beams, but you can make it your own with the perfect rug.


Cheers, and here's to a delightful journey of styling!