The Ultimate Guide to Rug Underlays

Total Grip Rug Underlay for Hard Floors

Have you ever experienced spending a lot of time picking out the perfect rug to match the style of your room, only to find that it slides around on your floor? Don’t fret, you’re not alone! Others don’t see the importance of securing a rug until it causes someone to trip, it damages a new rug, or it requires you to fix the rug every time you pass. Well, we’ve got just the solution for you - grip rug underlays! Not only does it keep the rug in place, it prevents scratches on hard floors, it extends the life of your rug, and it makes vacuuming so much easier!

A grip underlay is the perfect secret weapon in ensuring that your rug remains secure and always looks its best. You can choose the ideal fit that will match your rug as they come in various sizes and are available in two kinds: for hard floors and for carpeted floors. Whether you have a short runner or a large fluffy rug, grip underlays are a huge help in avoiding slipping, shifting, bubbling, and causing damage to your floors.

Continue reading to learn more about this wonderful product! By the end of this article, you might wonder why you haven’t considered buying one in the first place.

What are Underlays?


Grip underlays are non-slip materials that keep rugs from slipping underneath you or curling up to avoid significant trip hazards. Think of it as extra protection you can’t afford to go without as it protects you, your rug, and your floor.

Besides providing a strong grip to prevent rug movement and protecting your floor, underlays are designed to reduce noise, and add a layer of cushion for extra softness underfoot. Not to mention, it is easy to use, with no special tools or equipment required. We have three different types of rug underlays to choose from. The Stop Slip Rug Underlay is a versatile option suitable for all types of floors including carpets, laminates, timber, tiles and vinyl. On the other hand, the Total Grip Rug Underlays For Hard Floors and Carpet Floors were made specifically for either of the two that will suit your needs.

How to Install Grip Underlays


Following these steps will ensure that your grip underlay is installed correctly for effective use:

  • Ensure the underlay is the right size for your rug and flooring surface.
  • Before placing your rug on top, smooth out any wrinkles or creases in the underlay.
  • Ensure that the underlay's non-slip side faces down toward the floor.
  • If needed, trim the edges of the underlay with scissors to fit your rug perfectly.
  • For best results, avoid placing heavy furniture on top of the rug for at least 24 hours after installing the underlay.

Additional Tips for Preventing Rug Movement


Choosing the right rug underlay for your flooring surface is the key in guaranteeing that the rug stays in place and looks great even after prolonged use. Here are some tips that might help you out:

  1. Consider the type of flooring you have and choose a rug that complements its color and texture.
  2. For hard flooring surfaces, look for rugs with a non-slip backing, or consider using a Grip underlay to keep it securely in place.
  3. For carpeted surfaces, choose a rug with a lower pile height to prevent it from shifting.
  4. When it comes to size, make sure the rug is large enough to cover the area you want but not so large that it bunches up or creates a tripping hazard.

Remember these rugs underlay tips when you're out shopping for a rug. Don't wait any longer, invest in an underlay today and give your floors the ultimate protection to keep your rugs looking new for years to come!