Rugs are a great timeless piece of your home that create high impact in a small space. The right rug will spark visual interest, add welcome comfort and warmth, and even absorb the sounds of foot traffic to help make your home cosier than ever. But with the changing of the seasons, rug lovers ask us the same question time and again: “Which rug would suit my home best this season?” We’ve gathered our thoughts to help out, so read on below!

  • Summer: Celebrate the coming of the warmer months by dressing up your space with pretty vibrant colours. A plush heat set rug can be cleaned with no trouble, and natural rugs like jute and wool are great for warmer months. These, among other selections, would be perfect low maintenance choices for busy spaces or simple quiet homes. Shop our summer collection here:
  • Autumn: With the colder seasons ahead, something plush to rest on would be the best choice for your home. Rugs made of soft microfiber yarns ought to do the trick. It can rest in front of your fireplace to create a cosy little nook or be the statement piece of your lounge, all rolled into one! Shop our autumn collection here:
  • Winter: Keep yourself warm during the coldest season of the year with dense shaggy rugs or thick handwoven wool pieces! Rugs made of thick materials would be the best option for homes with wide open spaces so that your feet won’t ever touch the cold floor. Spot cleaning and vacuuming without any bristles would be the best means to maintain these delicate yet luxurious pieces. Shop our winter collection here:
  • Spring: It’s that time of the year again! With flowers a-blooming and birds a-chirping, breathe life back into your monochrome room with eye-catching geometric patterns and colours that will bring on rug envy to your friends! Shop our spring collection here: