Shaggy Rugs : What You Need To Know

Cosy Beige ShaggyCosy Beige Shaggy
If you’re looking to add instant character and charm to your space, shaggy rugs should be on the top of your shopping list.

Shaggy rugs are usually the go-to choice for most people due to their versatility, trendiness, timelessness, and for the comfort that they offer an area that they are used in. They are the perfect choice for bedrooms, living areas, and baby nurseries. The texture of a shaggy rug definitely adds warmth to any space and creates a relaxing cozy feeling, which only gives people more reasons to choose it over other rug types.

Jazz Grey Diamond Shaggy Rug
Jazz Grey Diamond Shaggy Rug

When selecting a shaggy rug, keep in mind what look you are going for in your home. You can be bold and daring and experiment with colours, such as jewel or navy blues, deep burgundy or purple. Or, if subtle colours are more of your style, you can go ahead with neutral tones such as greys, charcoal, browns, and beige tones.

Cassie Natural Diamond Shaggy Boho Rug

At the Rug Lady, we offer a large range of shaggy rugs that suit both contemporary and classic period homes. Whether your style is tribal inspired, minimalistic, Scandinavian or Mid Century Modern, a shaggy rug will add the finishing touch that you’ve been searching for!

Not sure which shaggy rug would fit your space best? We can take care of that, we offer styling advice to our customers for free! Just fill out this form as completely as you can and one of our expert stylists will get back to you with recommendations. Happy shaggy shopping!


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