Industrial Style - Reflect Your Style and Inspire Your Home

The Industrial style is often characterised by raw, unfinished spaces that make use of steel, bricks, and wood. All elements are combined thoughtfully and artistically to create a sense of order and design amidst the ‘rawness’ of the space. It’s about striking balance among neutral palettes, metallic pieces, weathered walls, and antique furniture that makes this look a very popular one at the moment! All efforts are aimed to create a vintage yet modern space that integrates the industrial look with different styles and pieces. To create an Industrial-themed home, one of the first and most important things you will need is Space. The Industrial look would fit very well with large, open plan areas especially those with unfinished furnishings, such as exposed pipes and ducts, rough wooden panels, brick walls, weathered surfaces, and geometric patterned rugs. Give highlight to these beautiful elements with a geometric or Scandinavian rug and you should get the Industrial space that you’ve been dreaming of! Make sure to choose a large area rug for decorating – huge rugs complement wide areas and help tie a room together nicely.