Elevate Your Home's Ambiance with a Mystique Silver White Vintage Patterned Rug

Mystique Silver White Vintage Patterned Rug

We often get asked how interior design affects a room's atmosphere. Be it our workspace, bedroom, or lounge, the way we decorate a space has an effect on the feel of the place which consequently affects our emotions as well. One element that we believe can make a big difference in the ambience of every Australian household is a rug as it changes the appearance of the room. In particular, not only does our Mystique Silver White Vintage Patterned Rug tie a room together, it also adds elegance, warmth, and character to any home.

In this article, we will explain these elements to help you on your own interior decor journey.


When it comes to adding elegance and sophistication to a room, the Mystique Silver White Vintage Patterned Rug is a great option. The color palette of silver and white is both timeless and versatile, which is easy to incorporate into any existing decor. Its intricate vintage luxury and refinement, making the space feel more high-end yet comfortable.


Bare floors are lovely, but hardwood and tile floors are not exactly warm during the cooler months. That is why rugs are our favourite accent as it keeps you in warmth and style all year.

The Mystique Silver White Vintage Patterned Rug makes a room feel cozier and more inviting as the colours are visually warming and its pile is soft underfoot. This rug will keep your feet warm and will make your floors beautiful too!

Here are some important points to remember:

  • Add a rug to make a room feel cosier as they insulate the floor and prevent heat loss
  • Soft, plush pile can increase warmth and add interest to your space
  • Be sure to choose the tone that suits your home as some colours appear to have a cool tone while others may throw a warmer tone.



A rug can be used to add character and personality to any room. Our Mystique Silver White Vintage Patterned Rug can make a space feel warm and inviting. The pattern on the rug can add visual interest to a room and help break up a space that might feel too monochromatic. Additionally, the vintage design gives the room a sense of history and artistry because although they feel classic, it can be mixed with many different design styles. Investing on a vintage rug defines beauty and class, and will last for generations.

Check out our beautiful Mystique Silver White Vintage Patterned Rug. Available in various  shapes and sizes.


What are you waiting for? Match any interior, from a traditional room to a modern area, and transform your room effortlessly with the Mystique Silver White Vintage Patterned Rug. It will definitely add a touch of cosiness and texture to your living space to help it standout.