Choosing the Proper Rug Size


Not sure of which rug size to get? or where to actually place your rug in your room? Lucky we have you covered, in this article we help you understand how to choose the right rug for your dining room, bedroom, lounge room & more. Our Simple rug guide will make your rug shopping a whole lot easier



Large, Spacious Rooms

What we suggest: You’ve got the space, so why not show it off? A large rug is a great way to anchor any floating furniture. It also creates a defined space within an open plain area. To achieve this look, ensure you place all your furniture on your rug. A huge, gorgeous rug will also give you that grand effect and will complete your look! When you’ve got space, think big and go all on!

Which size fits best: 240x320cm or 300x400cm

Medium, Functional Rooms

What we suggest: Aim to create a casual but easy-to-maintain room by putting your furniture’s front legs on the rug. This would make cleaning so much easier as you can just slide your home fixtures aside to get to hard-to-reach corners and spaces. Moreover, if you don’t have the space to float pieces and there’s a need for you to place them along your walls, this would be the best way to go!

Which size fits best: 240x320cm or 200x290cm

Small, Snug Rooms

What we suggest: Define a specific area of your room with a statement rug to create a focal point. Rugs can also help section spaces if placed properly, and can help direct foot traffic in your room. The trick is to make it work to your personal taste and preference without forgoing functionality.

Which size fits best: 160x215cm or 110x155cm



What we suggest: Practicality must be considered when choosing the right rug size for your dining room. As the rug is going under the table itself, ideally your rug should extend about 80cm on all sides of the table to ensure that the chairs will not get caught if pulled back. Besides, getting a rug smaller than the table itself will just hide it from your visitor’s view… now isn’t that a shame?

Which size fits best: Any, depending on table measurements, but not smaller than 160x215cm.



What we suggest: Get a large rug to go underneath your bed and extend beyond all sides. This would make your entire space look grand and stylish, and will let your feet rest on something soft and cosy, no matter what side of the bed you wake up on.

Rug Size that fits best: Any, depending on bed measurements.