Flokati Natural White Wool Rug

Made from 100% pure new wool, our new Flokati Natural White Wool Rug is just so soft to touch and is oh-so-lovely to look at!

This product hails from Greece, where it has been part of Greek culture and tradition for centuries. At first, it was produced as bed covers and clothing, but it eventually made its way into the interior design industry as lovely centerpieces for homes given its beautiful textures and stunning colours. It has a sturdy polypropylene backing underneath and is fairly easy to maintain, making it the perfect product for both busy and quiet homes.

Please note products that are handmade from natural fibres will be individual in colour. Sprouting yarns where strands of wool have ended and started during the weaving process may be visible or become visible over time. This is not a defect, instead a natural occurring feature of this product. Product returns will not be accepted on this basis. Natural Fibre rugs do shed, we suggest a gentle vacuum with no brush to clean.

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